Jan 2, 2023New release 1.3. This adds UPI-41/41A/41AH/42/42AH support.Laeuger, Arnim
Dec 16, 2022Work started to add support for UPI-41/UPI-41A.Laeuger, Arnim
Aug 19, 2009web page updateLaeuger, Arnim
Apr 30, 2008New release 1.1. Minor updates concerning compatibility with QuartusII (RAM and ROM extraction) and ISE (reduce LUT count) - see file CHANGELOG.Laeuger, Arnim
Dec 18, 2006New release 1.0. This is the first release for the Stable milestone! A 8243 implementation has been added - see file CHANGELOG. Laeuger, Arnim
Jul 11, 2006Development of a 8243 compatible core has started.Laeuger, Arnim
Oct 16, 2005New release 0.6 BETA. It contains the latest bug fixes and further improvements - see file CHANGELOG. A preliminary version of the Integration Manual is available. Laeuger, Arnim
Sep 13, 2005New bug found: Target address of JMP and CALL to Program Memory Bank 1 corrupted by interrupt. Bug was fixed in repository and regression tests have been set up. Laeuger, Arnim
Jun 8, 2005New bug found: MSB of Program Counter changed upon PC increment. Bug was fixed in repository and a regression test has been set up. Laeuger, Arnim
Oct 26, 2004New release 0.5 BETA. It contains fixes for the bugs that were found lately. Furthermore, it includes some improvements concerning the cycle timing of P1, P2 and BUS. They are now updated by the OUTL instruction as described in the User Manual.Laeuger, Arnim
Oct 25, 2004New bug found: RD' and WR' not asserted for INS A, BUS and OUTL BUS, A. See Tracker entry for details. The bug has been fixed in the CVS repository. Several files have been updated to align and further improve the cycle timing.Laeuger, Arnim
Oct 24, 2004New bug found: P1 constantly in push-pull mode in t8048 For details see the related Tracker entry. The bug has been fixed in the CVS repository, look for version 1.4 of t8048.vhd. Laeuger, Arnim
Mar 23, 2004Project startedLampret, Miha