Apr 28, 2019update compiler, assembler and rtl codeFinch, Robert
Dec 20, 2018Core update to version sevenFinch, Robert
Sep 18, 2018core size downFinch, Robert
Sep 18, 2018Core updated with write bufferFinch, Robert
Sep 15, 2018Core updated to version fiveFinch, Robert
Feb 13, 2018- updating Thor to Thor IIFinch, Robert
Apr 14, 2016Adding project goalsFinch, Robert
Apr 14, 2016Fixed an issue problem involving multiplies to ALU #1Finch, Robert
Mar 15, 2016Compiler update added limited class supportFinch, Robert
Feb 19, 2016Thor assembler and compiler updated.Finch, Robert
Feb 15, 2016emuThor has been updated, with more of the GUI working, and more instructions supported.Finch, Robert
Feb 12, 2016Initial archive of emuThor, Thor emulator in software.Finch, Robert
Jan 5, 2016Thor updated with several bug fixes.Finch, Robert
Dec 23, 2015Updating project descriptionFinch, Robert
Dec 15, 2015Initial Project SetupFinch, Robert