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The text mode data and address phase shall not be send by ASCII code #9
Closed yanzhang99 opened this issue over 3 years ago
yanzhang99 commented over 3 years ago

According to document, in Text mode, the data and address shall send in HEX format, shall not be in ASCII code for each nibble. Either the document shall fix or RTL shall fix.

yanzhang99 commented over 3 years ago

See descriptions.

motilito commented over 3 years ago

The concept of formatting is only relevant when you are providing a value in a text which is obviously ASCII. You can provide the value as decimal, binary, hex, octal, etc. When using TEXT on a keyboard you cannot enter actual values. Can you suggest a better way to describe the field? If you think you have a better description I will correct the document. Thanks, Moti

motilito closed this about 3 years ago

No one