The 'common' block contains all modules which are used by all (or almost all) compression systems. Examples of these modules are: - DCT, IDCT - Quantization, Dequantization - Entropy encoders, decoders - Motion estimater, compensators - etc.
Available blocks JPEG/MPEG hardware block

  • Hardware parallel DCT, IDCT performing up to 8.3GMACs per sec, or 130million 8x8blocks per sec.
  • QNR (Quantization and Rounding). User programmable entropy encoder used by JPEG and MPEG.
  • Run length encoder. Performs the Run-Lenght-Encoding used in JPEG and MPEG.
  • Huffman Encoder / Decoder. Performs Huffman encoding / decoding. Provided with JPEG default DC/AC Luminance/Chrominance tables.
  • Color space converters
  • Multiplierless YCrCb -> RGB converter
  • Multiplierless RGB -> YCrCb converter
  • All cores are available in the /video_compression_systems/common directory.