Jun 24, 2016New version released and support for DE2-115. C library added.Costa, Ronivon
Jun 24, 2016New versionCosta, Ronivon
Apr 20, 2016Version 0.7.3 in development and wiki page for the project.Costa, Ronivon
Nov 23, 2010Version 0.7.1a with support for SDCC C developmentCosta, Ronivon
Feb 26, 2010Uploaded project files to svn repositoryCosta, Ronivon
Feb 26, 2010Project files could not be uploaded using svn. Will resolve the authentication issue and upload later. For now, project files are available here:, Ronivon
Feb 26, 2010Configurable video layout (rows x columns) and characters redefined by the userCosta, Ronivon
May 24, 2008Changes commited to CVSCosta, Ronivon
May 24, 2008Done significant changes in architecture to support future improvements. Added video ram read capability (using dual port, dual clock ram). Improved ROM to demonstrate new resources. Added read-only registers to identify hardware version and top of RAM memory (useful to define Stack inside assembly programs).Costa, Ronivon
May 14, 2008Added support for rotary knob on S3E. Added support for this resource in the ROM. Rotating the knob will rotate the message in the LCD display.Costa, Ronivon
May 14, 2008Changes commited to CVSCosta, Ronivon
May 11, 2008Fixed the bug in memory access. Now, the blockram for ram, vram and lcd ram are working as should be. The rom released for DE1 is now running on S3E, and from now on, they will be the same in every released (with small changes to support the resources of each board).Costa, Ronivon
May 7, 2008Changes commited to CVSCosta, Ronivon
May 4, 2008The first release of Z80SoC for Spartan 3E is already available. There is a know bug, however, which I could not figure out where it is in order to fix. On the other hand, the LCD is working 100%, using memory mapped I/O (0x3FE0 - 0x3FFF).Costa, Ronivon
May 2, 2008I am facing some problems porting z80soc to Spartan 3E. The main RAM, which is supposed to be block ram on S3E (due to lack of SRAM in this board) refuses to work. I have already ported and tested the vram (2kb), which works nicely!Costa, Ronivon
Apr 16, 2008Project startedAdmin, OpenCores