Zet - The x86 (IA-32) open implementation

Nov 4, 2013New version 1.3Gómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Nov 10, 2010Typo in newsGómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Nov 10, 2010New version v1.2.0Gómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Mar 26, 2010version 1.1.2 uploadedGómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Mar 2, 2010Version 1.1.1Gómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Feb 1, 2010Added VGA graphics modesGómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Sep 15, 2009Updated to version 1.0Gómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Mar 5, 2009Changes commited to CVSGómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Sep 17, 2008<p>I got a <a href="">USB JTAG Programmer</a> from Celeritous. And it took me the whole day to setup it in Linux. It seems that there is a <a href="">bug</a> in Xilinx ISE Impact 10.1.</p> <p>Now, verification times will be much shorter!!</p>Gómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Sep 14, 2008Changes commited to CVSGómez Marmolejo, Zeus
Jul 3, 2008Project startedAdmin, OpenCores