May 24, 2017Updated the honesty page to match the 2.0 version of the process that came up some time ago.Gisselquist, Dan
Feb 11, 2017Updated the project page with info on the 8-bit byte branch on GitHub.Gisselquist, Dan
Dec 6, 2016General site cleanup, provide pointer to GitHub page, etc.Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 17, 2016Adjusted the honest assessment to indicate the removal of the LDIHI instruction, and the creation of the 32x32 bit MPY instruction(s).Gisselquist, Dan
May 30, 2016Updating the project page to note where a copy of the ZipOS may be found.Gisselquist, Dan
Apr 13, 2016Updating the project page with changes that have taken place to the processor.Gisselquist, Dan
Mar 25, 2016Announcing the existence of a GCC compiler port!Gisselquist, Dan
Jan 28, 2016A binutils backend is now available for the Zip CPU. (Early branching has also been simplified.)Gisselquist, Dan
Dec 29, 2015Fixing instruction set documentation.Gisselquist, Dan
Dec 22, 2015(Still updating pages with the instruction set updates ... 30 minutes wasn't enough time.)Gisselquist, Dan
Dec 22, 2015The new Instruction Set is now available for the Zip CPU. Please see the Instruction set page for details.Gisselquist, Dan
Dec 14, 2015Updated the current status (main page) to reflect the existence of a new instruction set, as well as an improved cache. I expect to the updates within the next couple of weeks.Gisselquist, Dan
Nov 4, 2015Updating the project assessment page.Gisselquist, Dan
Oct 22, 2015Simplified logic, down to 1040 LUTs minimum. Also added bus error detection in the prefetch module, better error handling, fixed jump instruction in the assembler, and more.Gisselquist, Dan
Oct 12, 2015Still making updatesGisselquist, Dan
Oct 12, 2015Usage numbers updated to reflect the existence of a 953 LUT build with pipelined instructions.Gisselquist, Dan
Oct 4, 2015Some updated notes on the honest assessment--it's not as bad as it was.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 30, 2015Added a description of the Zip Bones package, together with the current status of the project.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 29, 2015(Minor spelling edits)Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 29, 2015Adjusted the "honest assessment" to reflect that fact that the Zip CPU can now do pipelined loads and stores on the wishbone bus.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 21, 2015Still updating the web page.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 21, 2015Updating project pages with text from the updated spec.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 11, 2015Still updating the web page.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 11, 2015Still updating the web page.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 11, 2015Adding an "Honest assessment" of how well the Zip CPU has fulfilled its goals, and where the project may need to go next.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 4, 2015Updating documentation.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 3, 2015Updated the LUT count with the results from adding the DMA in place of the useless manual cache. Further updates replacing and getting rid of the manual cache have not yet been checked in.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 28, 2015Minor change to the project page.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 27, 2015Fixed the broken link to Dr. Sauerman's O/S book.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 24, 2015Updated the LUT count (last paragraph of opening page) with the most recent changes, following pipeline streamlining. Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 22, 2015Still updating the web page.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 22, 2015Updating the instruct set architecture page with reset changes, including the addition of a 'trap' bit to the condition codes and multiply signed and unsigned instructions.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 17, 2015Added a comparison between the Zip CPU ISA and the RISC-V ISA used by lowRISC.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 17, 2015Added a bus description to the instruction set page.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 16, 2015I added the basics of a debugger to the project. The debugger works, but needs to be instantiated on hardware so it won't build in its posted configuration.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 12, 2015After a lot of work, I have now checked in the new assembler. It's still not a polished and finished product, but it does successfully assemble our regression test/assembly file.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 9, 2015Adjusted the project page to help document why I am building the Zip CPU.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 9, 2015The assembler has now undergone a major upgrade. While not yet submitted to CVS, since the upgrade isn't complete yet, the new assembler is a flex/bison creation that can now handle jump to labels within the code.Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 28, 2015As of this morning, the core runs on a Basys-3 board and passes its watch-dog timer test. (Many more tests to follow ...)Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 27, 2015Updating the instruction set table to match how the CPU is currently built. (Specifically, the ROL instruction.)Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 27, 2015Changed the colors on the Zip System diagram to match the diagram in the documents folder.Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 26, 2015Still building the project page.Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 26, 2015Still introducing the project page.Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 26, 2015First initial upload of the project.Gisselquist, Dan