ZPU - the worlds smallest 32 bit CPU with GCC toolchain

Sep 14, 2009Both Verilog and VHDL implementations are availableHarboe, Øyvind
Sep 14, 2009ZPU has FreeRTOS port nowHarboe, Øyvind
Sep 8, 2009readme.txt contains instructions on how to modify and rebuild hello.cHarboe, Øyvind
Sep 7, 2009Fix problems with linkHarboe, Øyvind
Sep 6, 2009Adjust tips on how to do synthesis smoketestHarboe, Øyvind
Sep 5, 2009Update summary of project w/info on where to find the various bits and bobsHarboe, Øyvind
Sep 4, 2009Link to reference projects for the ZPUHarboe, Øyvind
Sep 3, 2009fix linkHarboe, Øyvind
Dec 17, 2008Changes commited to CVSHarboe, Øyvind
Feb 22, 2008The Zylin Embedded CDT now has a launch target for the ZPU simulator. Download plugin from, Øyvind
Feb 22, 2008Changes commited to CVSHarboe, Øyvind
Jan 2, 2008All files for the ZPU are now uploaded to CVS. If you would like to betatest please report to At this point the HDL + GCC toolchain works, but the CVS layout, etc. needs polishing.Harboe, Øyvind
Jan 2, 2008Project startedAdmin, OpenCores