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sd-card-controller help
by nockieboy on Mar 28, 2022
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I'm trying to make use of sd-card-controller here:

I'm using it to interface an SD card socket with my FPGA, which in turn connects to a host CPU (the CPU is not a softcore within the FPGA).

I've got the interface up and running as best I can tell within the FPGA, but I'm stumped with how to test it further or use it, as there's no information (that I can find) in the project repository's documentation with regard to actually using the interface. I'm not a Linux user, so attempting to 'make' the documentation, or sim files, is just not working for me - even in a VM, as I can't seem to get hold of Quartus 11 which the Makefiles need.

Can anyone shed some light on what commands I need to send to the sd_controller_wb interface to access the registers, set the SD block address, read/write data etc?
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