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Name: aes_core
Created: Nov 8, 2002
Updated: Jun 10, 2018
SVN Updated: Mar 10, 2009
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Simple AES (Rijndael) IP Core. I have tried to balance this implementation and to trade off size and performance. The goal was to be able to fit in to a low cost Xilinx Spartan series FPGA and still be as fast as possible. As one can see from the implementation results below, this goal has been achieved ! Other Implementations of this standard with different key sizes (192 & 256 bit) and performance attributes (like a fully pipelined ultra-high-speed version) are commercially available from Even though no official testing has been performed we believe that this core is fully complies to FIPS-197 (pdf). For more information see the core documentation.


  • 16 byte block size
  • 16 byte key size
  • separate cipher (encrypt) block
  • separate inverted cipher (decrypt) block
  • incorporated key expansion module
  • written in verilog

Sample Synthesis Results for the Cipher Block
Technology Size/Area Speed/Performance
Xilinx Spartan IIe XS2V200-6 3497 LUTs (74 %),
1026 Regs. (21 %)
101 Mhz (1.08 Gbits/sec)
UMC 0.18u Std. Cell 38K Gates 265 Mhz (2.82 Gbits/sec)

Sample Synthesis Results for the Inverse Cipher Block
Technology Size/Area Speed/Performance
Xilinx Spartan IIe XS2V200-6 3393 LUTs (72 %),
883 Regs. (18 %)
85 Mhz (906 Mbits/sec)
UMC 0.18u Std. Cell 50K Gates 235 Mhz (2.5 Gbits/sec)


- Nov 12, 2002 Found a bunch of test vectors on the NIST site, added them today to the testbench. Added missing timescale.v file.
- I could use some "official" testvectors. If you know were to get them or have any, please contact the author.
- This core is done. Initial Release: Nov. 9, 2002

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