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Name: integer_square_root
Created: Oct 12, 2022
Updated: Oct 12, 2022
SVN Updated: Oct 13, 2022
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Category:Arithmetic core
Development status:Stable
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WishBone compliant: No
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License: LGPL

Integer Square Root


procedure ISR(value)
	for i<-31 to 0 do
		if proposed_solution^2 > value then
		end if
	end for
end procedure


  • If reset is asserted during a rising clock edge (synchronous reset), the value signal is to be stored.
  • If reset is asserted part way through a computation, the result of that computation is discarded and a new value is latched into the module.
  • When the module has finished computing the answer, the output is placed on the result line and done line is raised on the same cycle.
  • It must not take more than 600 clock cycles to compute a result (from the last clock that reset is asserted to the first clock that done is asserted.)

ISR State Machine

Computing: $\sqrt{\mathtt{value}}$

  • On a reset

    • guess initialized to 32'h8000_0000
    • value is clocked into a register
  • guess gets the next bit set each time we cycle through the FSM again

  • Square guess (multiply it with itself)

    • Wait until the multiplier raises its done
  • if guess <= value

    • Keep the current bit
  • else

    • Clear the current bit
  • Move to the next bit

  • After the last bit, raise done