M32632 32-bit Processor :: News

Dec 2, 2018Infos about TRIPUTER presentedMoeller, Udo
Dec 2, 2018Version 3.0 releasedMoeller, Udo
Aug 14, 2016new status displayedMoeller, Udo
May 5, 2016New date for release 2.0Moeller, Udo
Mar 8, 2016A bug was found in ADDR_UNIT.v during I/O access.Moeller, Udo
Feb 4, 2016File I_PFAD.v updated due to a bug.Moeller, Udo
Jan 21, 2016DECODER.v and STEUER_MISC.v modified due to a bug.Moeller, Udo
Nov 7, 2015Version 1.1 of file I_PFAD.v released. Reason for this is a bug-fix.Moeller, Udo
Oct 7, 2015Release of bug fix version 1.1Moeller, Udo
Jul 29, 2015Linpack result reportedMoeller, Udo
Jul 19, 2015New Dhrystone 2.1 numbersMoeller, Udo
Jul 17, 2015New Dhrystone numbersMoeller, Udo
Jul 8, 2015Update feature listMoeller, Udo
Jun 29, 2015added more info in featuresMoeller, Udo
Jun 28, 2015added status blockMoeller, Udo
Jun 25, 2015Text of description editedMoeller, Udo
Jun 25, 2015Description written for the first timeMoeller, Udo
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