Sep 26, 2012Commenting about the new altera pll implementation. Fajardo, Raul
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Dec 2, 2010Status, worked on Cyclone IIIFajardo, Raul
Nov 30, 2010status updateFajardo, Raul
Nov 29, 2010Updating new compatible boards and language (FPGA dependent and independent to FPGA specific and generic)Fajardo, Raul
Nov 2, 2010Status, worked on ML505Fajardo, Raul
Oct 30, 2010language updatesFajardo, Raul
Oct 30, 2010language updatesFajardo, Raul
Jun 17, 2010Language clearnessFajardo, Raul
Apr 29, 2010Once more adding additional infos to project, hopefuly it will work nowFajardo, Raul
Apr 13, 2010Status update, new FPGA is proven to workFajardo, Raul
Apr 9, 2010trying to set project as doneFajardo, Raul
Apr 9, 2010Trying to change the status to done againFajardo, Raul
Mar 11, 2010Changing project statusFajardo, Raul
Mar 1, 2010Clarifying first To Do task for version 1.0Fajardo, Raul
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Nov 1, 2009To DoFajardo, Raul
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