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Name: nescontroller
Created: Mar 23, 2021
Updated: Mar 24, 2021
SVN Updated: Mar 24, 2021
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Category:Communication controller
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License: LGPL


Nintendo NES controller serial -> parallel IP.

This IP interfaces up to TWO (or more, if you like) old-school (so not the USB ones) controllers and performs the serial to parallel conversion upon receiving a 'frame' start bit. Once the 'busy' flag goes low the results will appear on q0 and q1. Reading q0 and q1 while the controller is busy will yield partial / old results. The order keys appear in are:

  • bit #0 - right
  • bit #1 - left
  • bit #2 - down
  • bit #3 - up
  • bit #4 - select
  • bit #5 - start
  • bit #6 - b
  • bit #7 - a

NOTE: The original controller uses a 5V shift register which means you'll have to use some sort of level-shifter if you want to use it at 3.3v. Pull-ups are built into the controller so the signals are active low.

Pinouts can be found on the internet, or here:

The url of the svn repository is: