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Name: or1k_soc_on_altera_embedded_dev_kit
Created: Nov 16, 2009
Updated: May 30, 2012
SVN Updated: Sep 8, 2010
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Category:System on Chip
Development status:Mature
Additional info:
WishBone compliant: No
WishBone version: n/a
License: LGPL


This project is to implement a SoC of using OpenRISC 1200 and many open source IP cores from on Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit (Cyclone III Edition).

The system architecture is shown as below

Hardware System Architecture


  • 32-bit Openrisc 1200 with 8k cache and mmu enable (done)
  • 16KB on-chip RAM for boot loader (done)
  • Wishbone-to-Altera DDR/DDRII SDRAM core bridge (done)
  • Advanced Debug System core. Debugging via Altera Virtual JTAG (done)
  • Ethernet 10/100 MAC (done)
  • UART 16550 core (done)
  • SD/MMC core (done)
  • GPIO core (done)
  • VGA/LCD core + Touch screen (TBD)
  • I2S core for audio codec (TBD)
  • PS2 core for keyboard (TBD)
  • MEM I/F core for FlashRAM and on-board SRAM (TBD)
  • Linux 2.6.35 (successes boot up on this dev kit, but need to enhance)
  • BusyBox 1.7.5 (boot passed with above kernel)
  • SD card boot loader (done)
  • Ethernet driver (done, web server up)
  • GDB debugging supported (done)
  • Block device driver for SD/MMC core (working)
  • Framebuffer driver for VGA/LCD core (TBD)
  • Touch screen driver (TBD)
  • Sound card driver for I2S audio codec (TBD)
  • PS2 keyboard driver for PS2 core (TBD)
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