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Name: ps2core
Created: Oct 27, 2003
Updated: Dec 9, 2010
SVN Updated: Mar 10, 2009
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Category:Communication controller
Development status:Beta
Additional info:
WishBone compliant: Yes
WishBone version: n/a


Compact and optimized PS/2 controller for Keyboard and Mice.

PS2 Core is build modular. There are one principal module that contains all communications logic, this can be used alone for hardware-only desings or used together with an wishbone bus top-level module for use in microprocessor systems.

The main goal of PS2 Core is create an fully functional PS2 controller with a very efficient use of logic and resources but without loss any functionality. The wishbone top-level has been designed to be as small as possible, giving an very simple and easy to use interface to the microprocessor.


- Technology independent.
- Fast and small PS2 controller.
- Can be used on hardware-only or microprocessor designs.
- Wishbone compatible with the top-level interface module.


- PS2 low level module completed and tested on FPGA
- Preliminary Wishbone support


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