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good core ? #3
Open ocghost opened this issue over 15 years ago
ocghost commented over 15 years ago

Hello everybody !

I plan to use this core and I would like to know if anybody has already used it for real embedded application. Please let me know your experience about this core (bugs...)

Thanks in advance.

truepyroman commented over 15 years ago

I'm using the core inside a FPGA (Altera) to do quite complex tasks. It includes interrupts, I/O and message loops (small command interpreter). Also, I have improved the stack depth to get more flexibility.

Up to now, I have only found 2 bugs (interrupt and STATUS assignment - see bug tracker). Therefore, fix these bugs and everything will work fine!

ocghost commented about 15 years ago


If you fixed this small bugs, maybe you can publish this patches or whole repaired core ?

ocghost commented about 15 years ago

I incorporated the bug fixes indicated by truepyroman, and I have updated the source files in CVS to reflect this. I haven't tested it myself with the bug fixes, but truepyroman has.

Also, I haven't figured out how to close the bug report.

John Clayton

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