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Open ocghost opened this issue about 15 years ago
ocghost commented about 15 years ago


I would like to use the clkx2 revision of the core, but I need the timer0.

How can I introduce the timer0 in this revision? Is so difficult?

Are hou thinking about wrinting this revision into hyerarchie sens? I means into littles modules.

truepyroman commented about 15 years ago

Mostly because the microcontroller is inside the FPGA, I think there is no need to add timer support. It is very easy to add a simple counter and few registers to control it (use the auxiliary bus). For example, you may connect the carry out of the counter to the interrupt input and read your custom registers in the ISR to know if it is a timer event. It won't be the same interface as the PIC, but it will have the same functionality.

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