* 8/16/32 bit SDRAM Controller

Nov 24, 2018This SDRAM controller used by IITM shakti projectAnnayya, Dinesh
Feb 14, 2012SDRAM Controller Actel FPGA bench Mark result are addedAnnayya, Dinesh
Feb 2, 2012Frequently asked Question and Answer Section is addedAnnayya, Dinesh
Jan 30, 2012Application Interface is Wish Bone compatibleAnnayya, Dinesh
Jan 24, 2012Design and Verification changes are done to support 8 Bit SDRAM. Now controller support 8/16/32 Bit SDRAM memory.Annayya, Dinesh
Jan 22, 2012SDRAM Controller with 16/32 Bit Basic design is completed with automated testbenchAnnayya, Dinesh
Jan 18, 201216/32 Bit SDRAM Controller verilog RTL with Automated Test bench are uploaded into SVN under sdr_ctl project. Interested user are welcome to validate the IP.Annayya, Dinesh