Oct 9, 2011System09 port for XESS XuLA-200Kent, John
Mar 2, 2009Changes commited to CVSKent, John
Jun 12, 200616 Sep 2005 - Fixed EXG & TFR Condition Codes. Fixed JSR [0,S] 12 Jun 2006 - Fixed ASR, LSR and ROR modifying V Flag 12 Jun 2006 - Fixed CLR so that it resets V flag.Kent, John
Jun 12, 2006Changes commited to CVSKent, John
Sep 16, 2005System09 has a Kbug monitor which is similar to SBUG but includes video drivers.Kent, John
Sep 16, 2005Changes commited to CVSKent, John
Apr 12, 2004System09 now boasts a Video Display Unit and PS/2 Keyboards interface however I need to write a monitor program to use these features.Kent, John
Apr 12, 2004Changes commited to CVSKent, John
Feb 1, 2004Hopefully its safe now to release System09 as a stable core.
Feb 1, 2004After fixing a bug in the ABX instruction, System09 now runs FLEX9 in a RAM disk, using the DAT to map the top 192K RAM into a Track buffer at $9000. Flex9, and RAM Disk images are now available.
Jan 25, 2004After burning the midnight oil, and then some, I have debugged System09 sufficiently to be able to run TSC's XBASIC under the FLEX9 Operating System. The transfer address for FLEX9 is $CD00. The Transfer address for XBASIC is $0000. Copyrights for TSC's software have expired according to the Flex Users Group.
Jan 18, 2004I was a bit premature releasing System09 as stable as it still does not run a BASIC interpreter.
Jan 17, 2004Fixed problems with UART. Now works realiably at 38.4Kbaud Fixed problem with CLR instruction not clearing Carry
May 16, 2003Project started