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Name: system09
Created: May 16, 2003
Updated: Oct 9, 2011
SVN Updated: May 13, 2018
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Category:System on Chip
Development status:Stable
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License: GPL


6809 System On a Chip that emulates the SWTPc 6809. It has been ported to a variety of FPGA boards including the XESS XSA-3S1000, BurchED B5-X300 and Digilent Spartan 3 Starter board. The System09 project page with revision history can be found at . System09 runs the Flex9 disk operating system for the 6809 which can be found at the Flex Users Group . The Flex disk operating system and most of the associated software has been placed in the public domain. The source code for Flex9 can be found in the CVS repository. I have included ROMs for the NOICE debugger for the 6309/6809.


- 6809 instruction compatible
- 6850 compatible ACIA/UART (57.6 KBaud)
- Hardware Trap Logic
- Dual 8 bit I/O port
- Simple timer
- 80 x 25 character Video Display with colour attributes
- Compact Flash interface
- PS/2 Keyboard Interface
- SYS09BUG Monitor ROM with Video driver
- Dynamic Address Translation supports up to 1Mbyte of RAM
- Fits in 300KGate Spartan IIe
- Uses Xilinx Block RAM for monitor ROM and VDU memory.
- Optional NOICE ROMs


- Implemented on XESS XuLA-200 using ISE 12.4.
- Implemented on Terasic DE1 board using Altera Quartus II.
- Implemented on XESS XSA-3S1000 + XST-3.0 running Flex9 from IDE drive / CF card
- Implemented on Digilent XC3S200 Starter Board with RAM disk
- Implemented on BurchED B5-X300 FPGA Board running Flex9 from CF.
- Limited Implementation on Digilent XC3S500E starter board using Block RAM.
- Runs the SYS09BUG Monitor ROM with Video Display drivers.
- Runs the Flex9 Disk operating system from RAM Disk, IDE Drive or Compact Flash
- Also run NOICE Monitor for the 6809
- Implemented with WebPack ISE 7.1i for upward compatibility.