Oct 24, 2021Added "Current Page Directory" register.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 24, 2021Added to the "switchprocesses" instruction.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 24, 2021Changed arrangement of the service call system and its memory management.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 24, 2021Removed parameter 'Buffer' from serviceConnect() and added it to serviceInvoke().Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 23, 2021Made multiple changes to the Memory Management section. Still some to do. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 23, 2021Used the general term "Multimedia processing" instead of "3D graphics unit". Added "AI unit". (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 22, 2021Changed the first parameter of the switchprocesses instruction.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 22, 2021Added Current Process register and updated its consequent info in the section for the switchprocesses instruction.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 15, 2021Added empty section for processor instructions for critical sections.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 14, 2021Added section for camera receive data that cannot come in as an image.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 14, 2021Renamed project to Spice.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 11, 2021Changed a few things in the General Processor Overview section including removing USB and adding RAM controller, LIDAR and memory card controller. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 11, 2021Added entry for the SoC subsystem of Real-time timer.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 11, 2021Added the switchprocesses instruction. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 11, 2021Changed parameters of IPC calls and added the serviceInquireClientBufferSize() function.Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 11, 2021Changed order of page directory entry bits.Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 26, 2021Replaced the standalone LED diode and the LDR with a second LED display and provision for a USB-connected camera, respectively.Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 21, 2021Removed text about multicore processor. Going back to the original idea of single core.Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 15, 2021Added statements in processor overview about LED, LDR, camera and screen.Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 11, 2021Added comment about the possibility of multicore processor.Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 7, 2021Added Expected Client Buffer Size as parameter to serviceAdd() and as return value from serviceConnect(). (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 7, 2021Added section for mutex priority inheritance.Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 7, 2021Renamed project to Sapphire.Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 6, 2021Added process memory map.Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 6, 2021Totally changed IPC calls and somewhat changed memory management. Will write more about the process memory map after saving this. Added the Process Status register. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 4, 2021Modified OS calls to include non-blocking messaging. Changed OS service limit from 8 to 5 and changed service channel limit from 8 to 10. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Aug 27, 2021Added details about page table and about 4 KB client I/O buffers.Sameer, Mohammed
Jul 10, 2021Added empty section for thread scheduling.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 29, 2021Added section for interrupt handling. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 29, 2021Added text about memory banks.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 28, 2021Added section about page directory status bits.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 28, 2021Remove "mic" and "speaker" because these two can be done through USB connectivity.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 27, 2021Replaced "multi-core" with "single core CPU". (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 25, 2021Renamed project to "Ad Astra".Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 23, 2021In system call msgAddService() only the first CBAA address is now retained. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 20, 2021Renamed the loop instructionsSameer, Mohammed
Jun 19, 2021Clarified some text in the "Synchronous IPC" section.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 17, 2021Did some text formatting.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 12, 2021Added load and store instructions for byte copying.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 11, 2021Added text about kernel memory allocator.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 11, 2021Added sections for 5 KB page directory and page table entry. Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 7, 2021Added text about no kernel buffering.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 7, 2021Removed "less-than compare value" as it is redundant.Sameer, Mohammed
Jun 5, 2021Added text about 4 MB data page and 4 KB page table.Sameer, Mohammed
Mar 4, 2021Added memory pointer instructions.Sameer, Mohammed
Feb 20, 2021Added A.OUT section about executable file format and added data types supported by Taar OS. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Feb 14, 2021Added OS details. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 23, 2020Removed lookup instr because its work was anyway being done by load-mem instrs.Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 21, 2020Removed spinlocktake and spinlockrelease. Will have to get atomic oeprations done in some way.Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 21, 2020Added simple input and output pins, and timer.Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 11, 2020Replaced VGA with LED interface.Sameer, Mohammed
Nov 27, 2020Went back to Microkernel OS. Removed extra mem address lines.Sameer, Mohammed
Nov 27, 2020Replaced callcxt and exitcxt instructions with sysenter and sysexit.Sameer, Mohammed
Nov 26, 2020Changed type of OS to HybridSameer, Mohammed
Oct 14, 2020Added text about graphics processing.Sameer, Mohammed
Sep 14, 2020Removed HDMI and Ethernet.Sameer, Mohammed
Feb 20, 2020Modified storereg-* to store-*Sameer, Mohammed
Feb 20, 2020Changed listing of Taar from under "Processor" to under "System on chip"Sameer, Mohammed
Feb 20, 2020Renamed "loadreg-*" to "load-*". Replaced load-imm and load-mem for R1 to load-imm-r1, load-imm-r2, load-mem-r1, load-mem-r2.Sameer, Mohammed
Jan 27, 2020Removed TMR section.Sameer, Mohammed
Jan 17, 2020Added GPIO. Added "four milliseconds run time" in Hardware-assisted task scheduling.Sameer, Mohammed
Jan 13, 2020Removed CAN and added EthernetSameer, Mohammed
Dec 28, 2019Cleaned up the General Processor Overview section, including removing the AD / DA channel select lines. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 24, 2019Changed some language in project intro. Removed GPIO and instead added DA, AD and their channel select lines.Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 24, 2019Added more details about Partitioning. Removed details about the processor's three app divisions.Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 19, 2019Removed register R4 as it was not necessary.Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 18, 2019Added "Instruction Interleaving" text to Hardware-assisted task scheduling sectionSameer, Mohammed
Dec 18, 2019Added { Serial access to memory and handshake lines } to Memory Management section (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 12, 2019Added Triple Modular Redundancy ( TMR )Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 2, 2019Added to "Memory Management" sectionSameer, Mohammed
Dec 2, 2019Added application of Taar in server systemsSameer, Mohammed
Nov 20, 2019Added Contributors section and changed some bit of the Intro sectionSameer, Mohammed
Nov 13, 2019Added "clockless" and added Vishal's name to be "former contributor"Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 10, 2019Added entry for SRTSameer, Mohammed
Oct 10, 2019Added entry for USB, GPIO, HDMI and cell phone modemSameer, Mohammed
Jun 25, 2019Removed "clockless" to reflect that the processor is from now a clocked oneSameer, Mohammed
Mar 11, 2019Added Vishal Zuluk's name to the general overview section. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 17, 2018Added note about FPDSameer, Mohammed
Dec 16, 2018Added a credentials lineSameer, Mohammed
Dec 12, 2018Adding section for memory managementSameer, Mohammed
Dec 10, 2018Removed rotate instructions and added invert instructionSameer, Mohammed
Oct 26, 2018Adding info about hardware-assisted task schedulingSameer, Mohammed
Oct 21, 2018Added "offset" to loadreg-memSameer, Mohammed
Oct 16, 2018Added section about "Service-name directory".Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 10, 2018Changed "of" to "to" in the section about max processesSameer, Mohammed
Sep 17, 2018Removed line about usability in supercomputer needs.Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 26, 2017Just adding three blanks at the end of the description to make it look a bit more appealingSameer, Mohammed
Dec 26, 2017Added the missed part about Taar being clock-less and RISC-basedSameer, Mohammed
Dec 26, 2017Put in some more clarity about the project in the overview sectionSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Added description of tasSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Changed caption case from small C to capital CSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017adding storereg-byte and storereg-word instructionsSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Removed an unnecessary blank lineSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Changed the Overview to provide a broader understanding of the chipSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Created the first overview for the projectSameer, Mohammed
Dec 20, 2017Since I don't know VHDL at the point I am changing language from "VHDL" to "others"Sameer, Mohammed