Taar Microprocessor :: News

Mar 11, 2019Added Vishal Zuluk's name to the general overview section. (edited)Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 17, 2018Added note about FPDSameer, Mohammed
Dec 16, 2018Added a credentials lineSameer, Mohammed
Dec 12, 2018Adding section for memory managementSameer, Mohammed
Dec 10, 2018Removed rotate instructions and added invert instructionSameer, Mohammed
Oct 26, 2018Adding info about hardware-assisted task schedulingSameer, Mohammed
Oct 21, 2018Added "offset" to loadreg-memSameer, Mohammed
Oct 16, 2018Added section about "Service-name directory".Sameer, Mohammed
Oct 10, 2018Changed "of" to "to" in the section about max processesSameer, Mohammed
Sep 17, 2018Removed line about usability in supercomputer needs.Sameer, Mohammed
Dec 26, 2017Just adding three blanks at the end of the description to make it look a bit more appealingSameer, Mohammed
Dec 26, 2017Added the missed part about Taar being clock-less and RISC-basedSameer, Mohammed
Dec 26, 2017Put in some more clarity about the project in the overview sectionSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Added description of tasSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Changed caption case from small C to capital CSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017adding storereg-byte and storereg-word instructionsSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Removed an unnecessary blank lineSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Changed the Overview to provide a broader understanding of the chipSameer, Mohammed
Dec 25, 2017Created the first overview for the projectSameer, Mohammed
Dec 20, 2017Since I don't know VHDL at the point I am changing language from "VHDL" to "others"Sameer, Mohammed
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