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system gets restarting with cat /proc/wupper #11
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Hello everyone,

I am working with Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit and VC709 board for my project, and there is requirement of PCIe data acquisition. I have successfully downloaded and generated bit file using vivado 2020.2 and I have compiled the driver for Jetson AGX (SoC) board with three modifications, ofcourse I made those changes to cmem_rcc.c and not for wupper.c. Anyway those are 1) static int cmem_rcc_nopage() function, uncommented the struct vm_area_struct *vma 2) virt_to_bus changed to virt_to_phys at two places.

The board details are at

I have built the wupper_tools too, for all tools, when ever I execute, it restarts the Soc board. I did not find any messages in /var/log/syslog and kernellog And I also found that, cat /proc/wupper also restarts the board, whereas cat /proc/cmem_rcc does not.

Thank you.

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