Sep 10, 2021Repository moved to we are maintaining the opencores page for details and as a collaboration pageSchreuder, Frans
Sep 10, 2021New wupper "rm-2.0" release. Licence changed to Apache-2.0 due to Cern/Atlas requirements. Schreuder, Frans
May 21, 2019small change to the "other project settings". (edited)Borga, Andrea
Jan 25, 2019moved project description to in SVN. (edited)Admin, OpenCores
Nov 6, 2017Wupper is now wishbone compatibleSchreuder, Frans
Aug 26, 2017updated project descriptionBorga, Andrea
May 31, 2017update link to the CERN ATLAS experiment pageBorga, Andrea
Dec 18, 2015added KCU105 in hardware platformSchreuder, Frans
Sep 16, 2015Updated software pageKharraz, Oussama
Sep 16, 2015Added drivers and debug toolsKharraz, Oussama
Jul 14, 2015Update functional block diagram and called it WupperBorga, Andrea
Apr 17, 2015PCIe Engine naming conventionBorga, Andrea
Jan 13, 2015Created Doxygen (hosted externally)Schreuder, Frans
Jan 9, 2015Committed the first version of the PCIe Gen3x8 DMA core for virtex7 to SVNSchreuder, Frans
Jan 9, 2015fixed typo about clock frequencySchreuder, Frans
Jan 7, 2015created forum discussion threadBorga, Andrea
Jan 7, 2015created block diagram blockBorga, Andrea