ULA chip for ZX Spectrum :: News

Jan 6, 2013New clone built by Don "Superfo" using a Gameduino MOD-VGA shield.Rodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Dec 20, 2012Added pictures of the Joseba clone.Rodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Dec 20, 2012Joseba Epalza has succesfully adapted one of the Spectrum clones to work with the OLS board (Open Logic Sniffer) from Dangerous Prototypes. As the OLS FPGA has only 24KB of block RAM, he has loaded the ROM with a 8K game and left the rest of block RAM to implement the first 16K of RAM. Core available at the "branch" section of the repository.Rodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
May 13, 2012More images and a new video featuring some timming testsRodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
May 12, 2012Small bugfixes to the ULA+ enabled clone (add M1 to prevent other data than FFh to be used as vector for IM2 interrupt). Also, new ULA+ & Timex HiColor slideshow uploaded to "software/ulaplus_demos" directory.Rodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
May 2, 2012ULA+ support added to the FPGA core. See new clone at branches/xilinx directoryRodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Apr 29, 2012HiColor mode ULA uploaded to fpga_version. A clone that uses it, and some new pics and videos have been uploaded as wellRodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Apr 29, 2012Updated SVN with a clone that uses PS2 keyboard. Added more pictures.Rodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Apr 28, 2012Added a "video" section to show the capabilities of somes clones built around this ULA description.Rodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Apr 28, 2012More imagesRodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Apr 27, 2012Features block addedRodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Apr 27, 2012ZX Spectrum 48K design updated. Uses a Z80 core from tv80 project. Real keyboard (8+5 wire matrix), EAR and speaker. For Digilent Spartan 3 Starter Kit boards (both 200K and 1000K gates)Rodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Apr 24, 2012Added a reference design for the ZX Spectrum 48K (yet to be tested for proper keyboard operation)Rodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
Apr 23, 2012Updated project descriptionRodriguez Jodar, Miguel Angel
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