AltOr32 - Alternative Lightweight OpenRisc CPU :: News

Apr 14, 2014Add instruction set detailsEmbedded, Ultra
Mar 15, 2014Add cutdown version of coreEmbedded, Ultra
Jan 4, 2014Wishbone support added.Embedded, Ultra
Sep 22, 2013Update project statusEmbedded, Ultra
Sep 22, 2013Update descriptionEmbedded, Ultra
Jul 7, 2012Added toolchain linkEmbedded, Ultra
Jul 7, 2012Info updateEmbedded, Ultra
Jun 16, 2012Added GadgetFactory Papilio One (XC3S250E) example projectEmbedded, Ultra
Jun 15, 2012Project description updatedEmbedded, Ultra
Jun 10, 2012Added simple simulator for ALTOR32Embedded, Ultra
Jun 10, 2012Initial description.Embedded, Ultra
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