Name: dct_idct
Created: Feb 1, 2010
Updated: Oct 10, 2012
SVN Updated: Feb 2, 2010
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Category:DSP core
Development status:Stable
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WishBone compliant: No
WishBone version: n/a
License: LGPL


DCT soft core is the unit to perform the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT). It performs twodimensional 8 by 8 point DCT for the period of 64 clock cycles in pipelined mode.

Main Features:

  • more than 300 MHz sampling frequency, 64-cycle calculation period,
  • approximately 330 CLBs and 4 DSP48E in Virtex-5 device,
  • 2 DSP48E when the scaled output data mode is used,
  • 8-bit input data,
  • 11-bit coefficients,
  • 12 – bit results,
  • pipelined mode,
  • latent delay from input to output is 132 clock cycles,
  • structure optimized for Xilinx Virtex, Spartan FPGA devices.

Please, contact us if you wish to have this IP core modified or adjusted to meet your requirements.

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