Super-I/O (SIO) controller

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Name: sio
Created: Nov 4, 2019
Updated: Nov 5, 2019
SVN Updated: Nov 5, 2019
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Category:Communication controller
Development status:Alpha
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WishBone compliant: No
WishBone version: n/a
License: LGPL

This is a Super-I/O controller (SIO) IP core.

SIO is a typical legacy function on x86 computer motherboards, typically implemented as a dedicated chip like the Microchip SCH3227 device. SIO provides UART serial port and PS/2 keyboard+mouse interfaces, while accessible to the x86 chipset via an LPC bus. This core relies on other opencores projects also:

Address range:

  • COM1: 3F8-3FFh
  • COM2: 2F8-2FFh
  • COM3: 3E8-3EFh
  • COM4: 2E8-2EFh
  • PS2: 60h AND 64h
  • post-code: 80h AND 81h
  • Custom board logic registers: 200h...207h (r/w regs connect in/out outside, ro regs out NC)

Some adjustments are needed for the re-used cores:

  • UART below this module: For the UART, use the 33MHz compliant version regs file: uart_regs_33m.v In uart_defines.v uncomment the "`define DATA_BUS_WIDTH_8"
  • PS2 below this module: In the ps2_defines, uncomment `define PS2_AUX to enble the keyboard
  • LPC slave: Use these files: wb_lpc_periph.v, wb_lpc_defines.v, serirq_defines.v, serirq_slave.v Some of the files had references, that needs rewriting to remove relative path: `include "wb_lpc_defines.v" In wb_lpc_periph.v change a line: always @(posedge clk_i or negedge nrst_i) ===> always @(posedge clk_i)

Detailed Logic Resource Usage on Microsemi Igloo2: 3768 4LUT, 2050 DFF


As of November 2019, the code was synthesized on Xilinx Vivado and Microsemi Libero, but was not tested on a prototype. Some of these logic functions were previously tested on a prototype board, but these source files with this exact implementation was not.

The url of the svn repository is: