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Name: system68
Created: Sep 9, 2003
Updated: Apr 7, 2008
SVN Updated: Mar 10, 2009
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WishBone compliant: No
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6800 System on a chip with added 6801 instructions. Fits on 200K Gate Spartan II board. Will fit on an XC2S100 if an external ROM is used. Sytem68 Development History Michael Hasenfratz is working on a Wishbone version of System68 called system6801 6800 Flex Operating System and software is available from the Flex Users Group


- 6800/6801 instruction compatible core
- MiniUART Modified to look like 6850
- Parallel I/O Port
- Compact Flash interface
- SWTBUG Monitor ROM
- Dynamic Address Translation RAM for extended addressing
- Bus Trap logic generates interrupts on any address/data/control signal


- Runs old SWTPC & TSC Basic Interpreters.
- Implemented on BurchED B5-X300 Spartan2e FPGA board.
- Update More Reliable UART runs at 57.6 Kb.
- Uses 25 MHz System Clock
- CPU runs with 12.5 MHz E clock.