Fixed Point Math Library for Verilog

Dec 5, 2015Added a little piece in the synopsis asking for info on who the users might beBurke, Tom
May 25, 2014One of the users found a bug in the qdiv.v module. Don't know how it slipped through before, but everything was off by exactly a shift (factor of two) Fixed! (I think)Burke, Tom
Jan 29, 2014Fixed some formatting errors from when I updated te div.v manual yesterdayBurke, Tom
Jan 27, 2014Added link to YouTube video describing how the division module (qdiv.v) works (See Manual pages)Burke, Tom
Jan 6, 2014Updated qdiv and qmults modules to correct internal register declarationBurke, Tom
Jan 6, 2014Added specificationBurke, Tom
Jan 4, 2014Removed the .zip file from the package - not neededBurke, Tom
Jan 4, 2014Added individual files to trunk - now at rev 5Burke, Tom
Jan 4, 2014Updated - now at rev 3Burke, Tom
Jan 4, 2014Seems there was a problem with SVN yesterday... Uploaded ""Burke, Tom
Jan 4, 2014Man pages addedBurke, Tom
Jan 4, 2014Added SynopsisBurke, Tom
Jan 4, 2014Project startedBurke, Tom