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Name: gh_vhdl_library
Created: Sep 4, 2005
Updated: Jul 2, 2019
SVN Updated: Mar 10, 2009
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Development status:Stable
Additional info:Design done
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Perhaps more of a collection of part than a true library, this is a set of VHDL parts that may be used as a set of building blocks for larger designs.


counters, shift registers, pulse stretchers (high, low, and programmable) and other MSI parts
six fixed length LFSR's (24, 36, 48, 64 bits and two that are set with Generics)
two Programmable length LFSR's
clocked delay lines (fixed and programmable)
control registers (individual bits may be set, cleared, or inverted)
Pulse Generator
Burst Generator
Parity generator
Sweep Generator
CIC filter
NCO's (some using a CORDIC, others using a Look up tables)
CORDIC (with 20 bit or 28 bit atan function)
(-)Sin/Cos look-up tables (12 bit, 14 bit, and 16 bit)
baud rate generator
FIR Filters (Serial and parallel - most with generics, some that do not use multipliers)
three MAC's (Multiply Accumlator - one with generics)
TVFD filter
FIFO's (sync and async)
Dual port RAM (1 write port, 2 read ports)
Four byte dual port RAM (2nd port of 32, 16, or 8 bits)
FASM RAM (Synchronous write port, Asynchronous read port(s))

Random Number Generator
Random number scaler (2)

Six “In place” Multipliers
(two with two signed inputs, two with two unsigned inputs,
and two with both- a signed input and an unsigned input
two of those have all bits on output)

Complex adder, multipliers
digital attenuator

VMEbus Slave interface Modules (A32D32,A24D16,A16D16)

Pulse Width Modulator


Waiting for suggestions