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Mini Debugger #37
Open prajwalmv opened this issue over 6 years ago
prajwalmv commented over 6 years ago

Hello Oliver,

We have synthesized and taped out the OpenMSP430 in 130nm. We are trying to get a program running through the UART interface.

We are able to send and communicate, but when we use the "RESET" button in the openmsp430-minidebug.tcl, we are not able see the registers getting reset.

However when we step through the program, by manually specifying the location of the PC it "does" work. It executes the instructions written in the program.

When we try to "RUN" the program the PC seems to fly off into arbitrary locations, in-spite of enabling the hardware breakpoints.

(1) We are running the core at 50MHz. Do you believe it has something to do with this ?

(2)Why aren't the breakpoints working ?

No one