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openMSP430 on BASYS2 #39
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I am trying to implement openMSP430 on Digilent BASYS2 board. The board is equipped with Spartan 3E-100 CP132 and has only one mini USB port. The FPGA is not big enough to accommodate the entire openMSP430 and I removed all but key modules to execute a very simple program. I synthesized openMSP430 and loaded into FPGA. Now I want to load a program that I developed in Eclipse. I am trying to load the program using openmsp430-loader.tcl. The command requires a communication port, such as -device /dev/ttyUSB0. Unfortunately, neither Windows or Linux creates a COM port, and it directly goes under Universal Serial Bus controller. My all effort to somehow mapping it to a COM port was not fruitful(for example using ComPortMan). It was not possible to access it through device ID as well. Could you please shed some lights on how I can proceed?

-- Hassan

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