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Name: steelcore
Created: Jun 25, 2020
Updated: Jul 19, 2023
SVN Updated: Oct 15, 2020
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Development status:Stable
Additional info:ASIC proven, Design done, FPGA proven, Specification done
WishBone compliant: No
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RISC-V Steel Core

RISC-V Steel is a free and open 32-bit processor core that implements the RV32I instruction set of the RISC-V architecture. It is designed to be easily reused in new RISC-V based hardware designs, from small embedded projects to complex systems on a chip.

Check out how to get the Hello World project running on an FPGA!


  • RV32I base integer instruction set
  • Zicsr Control and Status Register extension
  • Machine-level privileged architecture
  • AXI4-Lite Master Interface option
  • 3-stage pipeline, in-order execution
  • Passes all RISC-V Compatibility Test Framework tests
  • Single source file (Verilog)
  • Free and open-source (MIT License)


RISC-V Steel Core is distributed under the MIT License.

Project goal

The project goal is to help expand the adoption of the RISC-V architecture by creating free and open RISC-V hardware that is easy to reuse.

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Project roadmap

  • RV32I base instruction set ✔️
  • Zicsr extension ✔️
  • Support to M-mode ✔️
  • AXI4-Lite option ✔️
  • Documentation
  • Support to U-mode
  • C extension
  • M extension