VHDL Whisbone Test Bench

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Name: vhdl_wb_tb
Created: Jul 17, 2018
Updated: Apr 19, 2021
SVN Updated: Apr 19, 2021
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Category:Testing / Verification
Development status:Stable
Additional info:Design done, FPGA proven, Specification done
WishBone compliant: Yes
WishBone version: B.3
License: LGPL

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For the development of IP cores a test bench is needed. The given project provides a test bench written in VHDL which controls the stimulus,the verifier and the DUT via a common wishbone bus function model. The bfm acts like a virtual CPU performing read and write accesses to the control wishbone bus.

tc-files(uses wb_bfm_procedures) => wishbone_bus ->
-> stimulator (writes or generates DUT inputs)
-> verifier (reads or checks DUT outptus)
-> DUT (configures DUT via WB accesses)

In contrast to Ken Campbells "The VHDL Test Bench"( we do not use an interpreter for the bfm functions. We use plain VHDL which requires VHDL knowledge for test definitions, but also provides more flexibility.

Testbench architecture:

Example test flow programming (reads and writes via wb):


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